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VM Corp offers a range of services to Developers , I nternational real estate funds and Investors :
Investment Advisory
  • Entry strategy
  • Deal sourcing
  • Deal development
  • Financial structuring
VM Corp also offers services to Indian real estate developers and real estate asset owners : -
Strategic & Investment Advisory
  • Partner search
  • Investor readiness assessment at the firm or SPV (special purpose vehicle) level
  • Project financials
  • Deal structuring
  • Investor negotiations
  • Fund raising
  • Capital markets plan
  • We believe in the India growth story

  • We believe that the Indian real estate industry is at its early stages of growth and that international capital, as has happened in other industries in India, will drive future growth

  • We believe that as regulations change, the nature of the investment opportunities in the Indian real estate market will increase significantly

  • We believe that the quality and the integrity of information on real estate transactions will drive the speed at which real estate transactions close

  • We believe that the industry today does not have any agreed processes for information capture, its dissemination and use in asset valuations and therein lies a significant opportunity

  • We believe that there is a 'common ground' to be arrived at for international investors and Indian real estate developers and asset owners to meet and agree on the nature of the transaction

  • We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients by constantly providing them with value-added services for their plans in India

  • Geographic focus : VM Corp covers the Southern regions within India , which are homogenous in nature and offer many similarities

  • Focus: Our prime focus areas include the land consolidation and deal structuring, along with liaison services to get projects off the ground and ensure compliance upon completion. We focus on the deals that we are currently mandated with. It offers us significant leverage with Developers and Investors.

  • Professional integrity : While VM Corp is 100% committed to meeting its clients needs, it holds itself to the highest professional and ethical standards

  • Firm culture: VM Corp is performance driven while engendering a working environment that is open and friendly. VM Corp culture encourages team spirit, fosters entrepreneurial thinking and a strong focus on results. VM Corp's team is empowered to take initiatives and the organization takes care to ensure that the team is constantly aligned to its objectives